Emerson solo :Emerson Kitamura

2019.03.09 Sat @The GOAT Social Club, Nairobi Kenya
Live at The GOAT Social Club, Nairobi, Kenya

Emerson Kitamura live at The GOAT Social Club, Nairobi Kenya
Sat March 9, 2:30-5:00 PM
Free Entry
This will be my solo concert in contrast to the concert of Fuchigami to Funato and Emerson which will be held at Japan Information and Culture Centre one week earler. At The GOAT Social Club I will play my own compositions: mixture of Reggae, African music, jazz and electronic music. The songs would have the calm atmosphere of Rockseady, the sub-genre of Reggae music which existed for a very few years in the 1960s between Ska and Roots Reggae era. All the instruments, including small keyboards and the sampler prepared to sound like an old drumbox, will be played by myself.
I will not sing, but on a couple of songs I will read my own texts written in Japanese.
Looking forward to see all the music lovers in Nairobi!
The GOAT Social Club
ナイロビツアー、3/2 に日本大使館広報文化センターホールで行われるふちがみとふなととエマーソンのライブに引き続き、エマソロの単独ライブが決定しました!3/9(土)ナイロビ郊外にあるカフェ、The GOAT Social Clubです!