Emerson solo :Emerson Kitamura & mmm

2019.10.18 Fri @Köln, Germany
WEEK-END Fest #9 Köln, Germany

details including the date of our show to be announced later.

Emerson Kitamura & mmm

After 4 years of collaborating, dub-keyboardist Emerson Kitamura and baroque pop singer mmm finds their rhythm and voice that leaves a tasteful afterglow.

Emerson Kitamura and mmm (pronounced me-my-mo) began their collaboration in 2016.
In 2018, Emerson Kitamura’s 12-inch vinyl “The Countryside is Great EP” was released from EM records as a playful spin-off supporting a Japanese film “Bangkok Nights.” The A-side was covers of Thai pop songs filtered through Kitamura’s interpretation, and on the B-side was his yet another clever cover of the Tomatos’ version of 70’s disco tune, “Rock Your Baby” featuring mmm on vocals. Though being a B-side track, inquiries about this track and the singer began flowing in, including from UK label Balearic which compiled the song in their compilation album Balearic 4.

While “Rock Your Baby” was fully produced by Emerson Kitamura and featured mmm as a singer, mmm is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar, bass and flute on her projects and supporting acts. In 2018, Emerson Kitamura and mmm released a cassette tape of original songs which was an accumulation of ideas and performances drawn equally from both sides. The tape was available exclusively at their shows and had soon sold out.

Their music pushes and leaps boundaries of musical genres, and together they are in the midst of actualizing a smooth yet radical sound that has never crossed their — or anybody’s — minds.

Emerson Kitamura

Since the late 80’s, Emerson Kitamura has participated ceaselessly both in the indie and the mainstream scenes of Japan. He has supported a number of respected artists such as IMAWANO Kiyoshiro, EGO-WRAPPIN’ and Kicell.

He had begun his career as a keyboardist in bands MUTE BEAT and JAGATARA and thus has close bonds with the reggae and African beat scenes, though Kitamura himself carries an easygoing air that is not as “macho” as those music genre can tend to characterize. In 2014, he has released an all- instrumental solo album and since has performed many solo shows which are known as “Emer-Solo” shows. In 2019, he was invited for his first tour in Nairobi, Kenya.


Pronounced me-my-mo, mmm is the solo alias of Tokyo-based Moe Ishii. She has been active in the Tokyo indie scene since 2006.
Though born in Japan, she spent much of her youth in Singapore and enrolled in an art school in California, USA to study the flute, then began writing and performing her own music in her late teens upon returning to Japan. Her bilingual sense of rhythm and words attracted many from the beginning of her career and her music was soon released from CGCG Publishing ran by artist-run space Nanahari, as well as bijin record ran by Nisennenmondai, and kiti-label, a then-brand new label specializing in singer-songwriters.
She has sung and played the flute in numerous projects and can be heard on records by OGRE YOU ASSHOLE, SLY MONGOOSE, Ohshu, OONO YUUKI and many more.
As an active translator she has worked with labels including Sweet Dreams Press, HEADZ and Thrill Jocky, as well as associations such as Asian Sounds Research.
She has played in Korea in 2016 and NY in 2017. Her latest work under her solo alias is her home recorded “Safe Mode” released in 2014.

mmm with エマーソン北村

2016年6月、神戸塩屋の旧グッゲンハイム邸で行われたイベント「初夏 のセンバツ」においてmmm(ミーマイモー)とエマーソン北村はほぼ 初対面の状態でセッションする。これをきっかけに二人は「with」や 「and」名義のライブを行うようになり、東京でのイベント参加や関 西・北陸ツアーを続けてきた。2018年2月にリリースされたエマーソン 北村のバンコクナイツトリビュートEPでは収録曲「Rock Your Baby」に mmmがヴォーカルで参加し、国内のみならず海外からも反響を得る。同 年夏には共作曲を中心とした4曲入りカセットテープをライブ会場限定 で販売し、完売する。

2019年10月にドイツで開催されるWEEK-END FEST#9に出演が決定。フ ェスに続いてUKとヨーロッパでもツアーを行う予定で、これに合わせ

た作品リリースを計画中。 各々がソロアーティストでありながら、曲作りにおいても演奏において も対等にアイデアを出し合い、一人では聴くことのできない(そして誰 もが聴いたことのない)音楽を生み出したいと考えている。


石居萌のソロプロジェクト。 2006年から弾き語りを中心とした音楽活動を展開。2013年に突如「引 退」し、以来余暇を謳歌している。現在まで、宇波拓録音による2枚の スタジオ・アルバム、宅録による3枚のミニアルバム、1枚のライブアル バムをリリース。英語と日本語のリズムを行き来しながら、儚い日々の 移ろいを歌にしている。影響を受けたシンガーは Feist, Cat Power, Tara Jane O’Neil, 梶芽衣子, 金延幸子, 浅川マキなど。2016年に韓 国、2017年にNYへ招致される。ベース、フルート、シンセなどで数々 のプロジェクトに参加する傍ら翻訳業を生業とする


the cassette tape released in 2018 (sold out)